//Nü Biodegradable Eco Straws

Nü Biodegradable Eco Straws


  • Made from toxin free, plant enzyme and marine Organic calcium.
  • Naturally biodegrades within 2 years
  • Suitable for either hot or Cold beverages
  • A true ‘End of life’ disposable, eco straw
  • No harmful residue left after Degradation
  • Calcium oxide residue left will Improve soil fertility in acidic soils.


We are excited to introduce to the global market our fully biodegradable eco Straws. Nü Eco Straws are a safe, non-toxic option for individuals and businesses looking for a truly eco-friendly alternative to the traditional plastic straws.

The introduction of our NÜ Eco Straws into the global supply chain, will ensure that all drinking straws used around the world are made from environmentally friendly materials that will biodegrade much quicker and will have low life-cycle impact on the environment.

Our Nü Eco Straws are made from marine organic calcium and plant-based enzyme mixed with a small amount of Polyethylene which means after use they can be recycled along with your usual recyclable waste and will not contaminate the recycling streams.

Nü Product Features Include

  • Nü believes the best end of life solution is to recycle all used materials.
  • While Nü Eco Straws contain a minimum amount of polyethylene it is mixed with our GMX biodegradable additive compound, which actively breaks down the Polyethylene completely within two years, leaving no harmful residue.
  • Nü Eco Straws breaks down within two years if discarded into our environment.
  • They can be sent to an industrial composting unit in order to be composted.
  • If Nü Eco Straws were to end up in a landfill site, they would naturally breakdown into harmless, non-toxic gases (CO2, H20 and CaO). In fact, CaO positively aids soil fertility!
  • If Nü Eco Straws were to be disposed of using an incinerator, then a harmless non-toxic gas would be produced.


  • Made from sustainable resources
  • Biodegrades naturally in nature within two years
  • 100% biodegradable outer packaging innovation.
  • Nü Eco Straws can be used in hot and cold drinks.


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